FAQs for WayUp Phone Screen Roles

When will I hear back about my application? 

Every applicant who submits an application via WayUp will hear back within 24 hours. 

What does the interview process entail?

Great question! We pride ourselves on providing a positive candidate experience, so we’ve done our best to make sure every applicant hears back in a timely manner. Here’s our process.       

  1. If your resume is reviewed and you are qualified to move forward, you will receive a scheduling link to book an interview. Please make sure to schedule an interview within 48 hours of receiving the scheduling link to ensure there are still spots available. 
  2. The first round phone interview is with a recruiter from WayUp. During the interview, you’ll be asked a series of questions about yourself, the role, and the Company. The WayUp team will provide soft-skills feedback from your interviewer! 
  3. You’ll find out shortly after the first phone interview whether you are moving to the next round. If you pass the phone interview, WayUp introduces you to the recruiter at the Company you applied for who will outline next steps. 

I was told I got an interview! How can I best prepare?

Come prepared by researching both the Company and the position you applied for. Make sure to re-read the job description and check out the company page here. Finally, here are some tips for your phone interview.   

I heard WayUp offers every candidate that interviews soft-skills feedback, what does this mean?

That is correct! All candidates are given the opportunity to receive soft-skills feedback on their phone screen, which has nothing to do with the outcome, but is a cool perk we offer. We hope it’s helpful! 

I am not able to schedule a phone screen using the link provided, what should I do? 

  • If you receive a message warning that there are 'no more spots' available (example image below), the link has expired and you will not be able to book a screen at this time. We suggest that you book a screen within 48 hours of receiving the link to secure an interview spot before the link expires.

  • If you have received a scheduling link within the past 48 hours and have any issues scheduling, please email support@wayup.com along with a screenshot so we can assist you.