Looking for help with Yello Sourcing? Check out the Yello Help Center!

Starting June 27, 2023, Yello Sourcing users now have access to the Yello Help Center.  The Yello Help Center is your new destination for how-to articles and videos that will help you make the most of Yello Sourcing so that you can find and hire qualified, diverse talent.

The Yello Help Center is a vital resource that consolidates all product information, providing quick and easy access. It's designed to equip you to optimize Yell, driving superior early talent recruiting results. Quickly find resources in Yello’s Help Center to expertly use Yello Sourcing for early talent recruiting.

To access the Yello Help Center, log in to your Yello Sourcing account and choose the Help Center option from the profile menu. Inside the Yello Help Center, you will find tutorials, best practices recommended by the team here at Yello, product release notes, and more.

The Yello Help Center is a valuable asset that centralizes all product information, saving you time and effort. It enables you to fully leverage our products–enhancing your early talent recruiting outcomes.